How Selling Your Lawrenceville Home Directly Will Save You Thousands in Repair Costs

Have you considered selling your Lawrenceville home on your own? Sellers who are faced with the reality of repair expenditures are frequently overwhelmed by the amount of labor, time, and money required to prepare their home for a typical listing. Much of the process is the same whether you sell Lawrenceville home on your own or with the help of a certified real estate agent. While completing the renovations yourself could save you thousands in commissions, you’ll spend more time handling everything that your agent would, from the time a sign is put up in the yard and advertised on the internet to closing day.

Selling Your Lawrenceville House Directly

Curb appeal is important for a home’s marketability, especially when it’s featured on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or other internet sites where purchasers browse through rapidly. Because most buyers are seeking for properties that they can move into right away, you’ll have to compete with other sellers for their attention.

Did you know there’s a simpler method to get a good deal on your house? Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid all of the hassles and costs of repairs, as well as the extra stress of continuously cleaning and rescheduling your family’s schedule around showings and open houses? In one appointment, a professional buyer takes care of everything for you, leading you through the process step by step.

Continue reading to see how selling your Lawrenceville home to a professional buyer can save you thousands of dollars in repair expenditures.

Fluctuations in Supply Costs

Lumber is currently more than 112 percent more expensive than last year, as are other home renovation items such as drywall, roofing, and siding. The demand for lumber and other commodities has increased as more people seek the benefits of owning a home. Many homeowners have chosen to invest in their houses, completing long-overdue repairs and creating improvements for home offices, schooling, and other family-oriented activities. Building materials and supply chains have slowed as a result of the increased demand, adding to the price that consumers are bearing.

You shouldn’t be startled if you see a time limit on the cost estimate or even an allowance for changes in actual costs when you contact a professional for a repair estimate due to supply cost fluctuations.  As the project drags on, the lag in materials will chip away at your earnings in holding costs as you continue to pay the mortgage and all of your other monthly expenses. When you sell directly, you can relax since you won’t have to worry about modifications or repairs, and professional purchasers will buy your property as-is, which means you won’t have to worry about material costs. It’s easy to understand why selling your Lawrenceville home directly to a professional buyer like We Buy Houses In GA Fast will save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.


Repair expenses can quickly escalate, which is why experts advise adding 10% to the planned repair budget. All too often, problems go unnoticed until the project is nearly completed. These kinds of findings, such as those involving a building’s foundation, are all too common. Failure to plan for all scenarios, depending on your financial status, might bring everything to a standstill.  Even if you’ve spent the money to hire an expert to assess your property and called at least three contractors for repair estimates, surprises are unavoidable, especially in older homes.

Assume you decide to sell a Lawrenceville home that is in a condition of deterioration. In that situation, you can expect excruciatingly low offers from purchasers who would expect an absurd discount to acquire your problems and do the job, negotiating with you to decrease your asking price with an exaggerated repair estimate. Even if you aren’t aware of a major fault in the home, you may find yourself facing legal troubles and additional costs. When you selling your Lawrenceville home to a direct buyer such as We Buy Houses In GA Fast, they assume all of the risks associated with any potential issues. Selling to a professional buyer might potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in additional hidden repair costs.

We’ll take care of everything at [firm]. If you need to make costly repairs, now is the best moment to selling your Lawrenceville home to We Buy Houses In GA Fast. There will be no commissions or hidden costs deducted from your cash payout at closure when you operate with We Buy Houses In GA Fast. Discuss all of the ways that selling your Lawrenceville home directly to We Buy Houses In GA Fast will save you money with the professional buyers at We Buy Houses In GA Fast. Request a no-obligation quote from We Buy Houses In GA Fast and see how simple the process is! Please send us an email or call We Buy Houses In GA Fast at 404-721-2977.

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