We Buy Houses in Atlanta Companies – Are They Credible?

You’ve probably seen many advertisements for companies that buy houses in Georgia. They are all over the place. How do you decide who to go with when you are ready to sell your home?

You’ll see many billboards, yard signs, or vehicles wrapped with phrases such as “We buy houses in Atlanta” or “Fast Cash For Your Georgia Home”

Are These “We Buy Houses in Atlanta Companies” Credible?

How can I verify the legitimacy of the “cash home buyers” companies in my area?

At first glance, it may seem like they’re all the same. However, we’ll show you below what to look for in a local Atlanta cash buyers’ company so you can make an informed decision about selling or buying a property.

Let’s start by clarifying that House Flipping is a genuine business. Yet, as in every industry, there are always a few bad apples that taint the market for everyone else. A bad fish in the pond sort of say!

Although there are dishonest people in any industry, overall, house flippers are the ones that work to make their communities better one house at a time. A good example is taking that eyesore abandoned property in your neighborhood and transforming it into something beautiful.

And then there are the shady ones, dishonest types who put their financial interests ahead of that of their customers.  They would sell you a dream while simultaneously stabbing you in the back if it meant generating a bigger profit.

You can find them; believe me.

We’ll show you how to steer clear of “shady house buyers” and instead work with honest, ethical, and trustworthy local businesses that can buy your house quickly for a fair all-cash offer.

Let’s start with a discussion of the strategies employed by successful home flips.

First, let’s cover exactly what the best house-flippers are doing.

We Buy Houses In Georgia Companies - Are The Credible?
Are “We Buy Houses In Georgia” companies credible?

What Reputable Atlanta House Buyers Are Doing

  • Enable people to immediately gain access to the funds they require to enhance their life. In many cases, homeowners require quick access to the cash in their home equity to pay for emergency medical bills or to move closer to family. In only a few days, we’ll have you covered and worry-free.
  • Facilitate the sale of a seller’s unwanted property without the need for the seller to hire a real estate agent and wait months for a buyer.
  • Employ a wide variety of people, including plumbers, contractors, electricians, brokers, title representatives, loan officers, and administrators. This ensures the process goes smoothly from beginning to end. A typical real estate deal involves 86 people. In the state of Georgia, our investments are making a difference by creating actual jobs.
  • Invest heavily in domestic manufacturing by purchasing domestically produced goods such as lumber, metal, plastics, and paper. The health of the US economy is dependent on investments from people like us.
  • Boost the economic status of residential areas in Georgia. Increasing the value of a neighborhood is one of the goals of home improvement projects. We frequently transform rundown or abandoned homes into pristine dwellings fit for a family. Georgia benefits from this action.
  • Broaden the scope of taxation. The new owner of one of our properties will be subject to a higher tax rate reflecting the property’s increased worth. Schools, fire stations, police stations, libraries, streets, and other public amenities are all made possible by the money we pay in taxes. We must, once again, work to better our communities.

Pretty cool stuff, right?

Most house flippers spend communicating with other parties to ensure the timely execution of tasks and negotiating. There are a lot of factors that play a part in the daily routine that can be somewhat stressful.

Most house flippers spend communicating with other parties to ensure the timely execution of tasks and negotiating. There are a lot of factors that play a part in the daily routine that can be somewhat stressful.

But let’s get back to how you can utilize this data to determine if a potential investor is legit or just trying to pull a fast one on you when they buy your home.

How To Ensure You’re Working With A Reputable Local House Buyer

To make sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and honest local home buyer, consider asking them the following questions during your initial consultation.

Ask open-ended questions like:

  • What is your investment strategy?
  • Can you describe the services you provide?
  • How do you help people?
  • What aspect of your business makes you the proudest?
  • How are you sure that you can help me with closing my house deal?

Secondly, always be on the lookout for the tell-tale signs of strategies used by various suspicious investors.

  • Closing at a kitchen table – if a buyer insists on meeting, you at your home to transfer ownership of the property rather than at a neutral third party’s office, such as a closing attorney’s or title company. Be wary. The closing on the sale of your home will usually take place at a title business or other neutral 3rd party location if you’re working with a reputable house purchasing service. This guarantees that everything is conducted ethically and correctly.
  • Putting pressure on you to close quicklyBe wary of a homebuyer who puts time constraints on your decision to sell and insists that you make the choice right now. You should expect an offer from a respectable house-buying firm and have at least 2-7 days to consider it before making a choice. Respectable home purchasing agencies like ours do set deadlines on our bids because market conditions and property values shift every week depending on what else is selling in the neighborhood and other factors. We buy several houses every month, and if you accept our offer, we’ll hold the cash necessary to buy your home for several days so that we may close when it’s convenient for you. If you decide the offer isn’t right for you, we’ll use the money to assist another homeowner in selling their house.

Every scammer fears a detailed interview and is always in search of a quick result. If you’re the one asking questions, they try their best to avoid you and find someone who doesn’t ask so many questions.

True investors are always looking to build out their long-term relationships; they are more focused on creating a name for their company as a moral house-buying service in Georgia, providing the best service, and building rapport instead of a quick score.

So, if you are looking for a house-buying company in Georgia, don’t be afraid to ask us as many questions as you want!

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