Who Is Behind We Buy Houses In GA Fast?

Hello my name is Marc Marseille and I the major player here at We Buy Houses In Georgia Fast. I am a Dad and an ambitious entrepreneur with a servants heart. I am just like anyone else, I’ve had my ups and downs and somehow the universe allowed me to craft my life just the way I wanted. And that means doing something I love—Real Estate!

We Buy Houses in Georgia Fast is based on the foundation of a second chances. We deal with a lot people that are going through some very stressful circumstances in their lives. Most of the time they are distressed and we assist in De-Stressing the situation. We relish the opportunity to be that exit strategy that relieves some of the pain.

What Can We Do For You

Our job is to provide a solution that allows you to see that blue sky no matter what ordeal you may be dealing with. There are many reasons why you have decided to sell your Georgia home. And we’d love the be the one that gives you the best offer for your home. We’ve been on both sides of the fence, so we understand. (I’ll explain later)*

You want to sell your home in Georgia and you want to sell it now. You want to bypass the red tape without having to spend any more money than necessary. Most of all, you want to sell your house for the best price possible.

That is why we strive to give you a fair price on every property regardless of the situation. Our cash estimates are based on current market value, condition of the property and cost of bringing your property in par with the latest sales in your immediate area.

Our offer will always be based on fair market value. The formula we use never changes, in fact you can go view it here. Our mission is to provide a win-win scenario with transparency, fair business transactions, and respect.

We would love to answer any questions you may have. Before we can do that however, you have to initiate the conversation. We Buy Houses in Ga Fast is here to answer any questions that may arise, whether it is about foreclosure, probate, or estate properties.

Our team is here for you. And I sincerely mean that, but without you knowing me personally, the know, like and trust factor is just not there yet. The only way for us to build that rapport genuinely is to start the conversation.

Who Am I?

Allow me to properly introduce myself… You already know my name is Marc. What you don’t know is that I was once in the same position. I mean, I needed to sell my Atlanta houses fast.

In 2008*, I was one of the many real estate professionals that lost everything in the mortgage meltdown. That includes the houses, the income and everything else that came with it. The most painful part was that I thought I was doing everything right.

Sometimes the worlds just do not align. But as long as fall on your back and not your face, you can always see that blue sky—which is limitless.

With that mentality, I was managed to bounce back to start a digital marketing company that helps local business owners generate leads. Through some hard work and perseverance, It became a successful business. I did that full time until I got that real estate bug again.

Why Start buying houses in Georgia Again?

My friends say that maybe I am just a glutney for punishment. But the real truth is, I have a passion for helping people and the ability to make a good living doing it doesn’t hurt either. Even though I spend long hours doing this, I never seems like work. It’s my passion!

We Buy Houses In GA Fast provides a service that I did not have access to when I wanted to sell my home. Sure, there were many Georgia house buyers eager to feast on my downfall by serving me with lowball offers for my house. Unfortunately, not even one offer was respectful enough for me to accept.

That is why it is important to our team to always provide a respectable offer that is based on numbers—not greed.

Our Promise To You…

We will deliver you the best offer possible based on real numbers. We will not hide behind any gimmicks or weasel clauses to be release from our offer. We will be honest and transparent throughout the whole process.

We buy houses anywhere in Georgia. Our primary focus is in Gwinnett County but with our partners, we can assists you in several areas. We service every city in Gwinnett and neighboring areas including Tucker, Snellville, Lilburn, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Doraville and Buford.

We are actual cash buyers. That means we have our own funding ready to go—You will be dealing with us primarily. In certain scenarios, we may use our network of partner investors to help sell properties that we cannot buy. This helps you in getting more exposure for your home and selling your property faster than you would with anyone else. But do not worry, even if we need to take that route, our initial offer will still remain in tact.

How We Work With Homeowners

We do not do the bait and switch. Before we launched the company, there was as much focus on what to do as what not to do. Our team researched review websites on the internet to see what consumers were complaining about with similar companies.

We have built our foundation on with the focus to avoid making those same errors. That is why our real estate purchasing process is listed directly on this website for you to see. Our contracts are transparent without any clauses to prolong the sale while we attempt to find a buyer. We are the buyer! The only thing left to do is give us the opportunity to earn you’re your trust and your business…

…Let’s Make a Deal!

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